Setting Up Right With Home Recording Studio Furniture


equipment in audio recording studioThe dream of fame and fortune coming from a home studio is one that’s hard to deny the allure of. Especially for young artists who love the music and really invest their time into it, a home setup can be the start of some great things. However, details matter and if you want your absolute best and sharpest sound, then you had better pay attention to your home recording studio furniture and how it’s set up in the room!

Studio Chairs

You need comfortable chairs. Think office chairs, think weeks and if you can afford comfortable chairs that are designed to breathe while allowing long-term comfort and full 360 degree access to everything around you, all the better! You need to be able to move in your studio and with hours of work to put in, you need to be comfortable to be on top of your mental game when searching for that ever elusive perfect sound.

Main Board, aka Mixing Console

This is the heart and soul of your home studio and needs to be front and center in your setup. Don’t be tempted to try something different – there is no reason for the mixing console to ever be anything other than the center piece of where all the magic happens.

This means the main part of your desk which is the center section with the most surface space, needs to be where you hole your mixing console. Build around that for the best sound you can produce.

Monitors aka Speakers for True Noobs

The monitors should be relatively close to your main work area, but most people think the best sound comes from having an even number to the right and the left of the main mixing console with each one pointed towards the center. While absolute beginners might have them on the desk, this actually distorts the sound a little bit, especially with heavy bass.

What you want are monitor stands that allow your monitors to be back a touch from your center work space. Barring the budget for that, at least try to get some monitor pads to create some separation between the vibrations in the desk and the resulting sound coming from your monitors.


Monitor Stands or Pads

Monitor stands are ideal, but pads will do in a heartbeat if that’s all you can afford starting out. You want the monitors to be to the right and left of your main mixing area. With stands, you can experiment with what sounds best, but most are a little further back and away from the main mixing area, with speakers turned in so the sound comes towards you.

If you’re just using pads, you may choose just to have the speakers facing towards you without the angle since they’ll be closer in to the mixing board with their flanking if you were using stands.


The setup of your room can make a major difference with microphone placement. Make sure to experiment and see what’s bringing in the best and most clear sound. This is worth taking a day or two in and of itself just to determine what is going to work best.


Depending on your setup the keyboard could be just under the mixing console in the center, or it might be just off to the left or right. The shape of your desk and full setup of the studio will determine this instrument’s placement.

When you’re looking for the best home recording studio furniture, remember that it needs to fit with your current setup and you need to have it put up right, otherwise quality won’t matter if you don’t have the best possible sound setup in your studio!