Affordable Recording Studio Equipment


Music production and recording studio: Starting a home recording studio used to be expensive and time-consuming. However, this has changed because of the equipment becoming more affordable. The competition has also caused reduced costs. Initially, the equipment was large in size and it took a lot of time to set up. There was risk of the equipment breaking during installation.

The initial cost of starting is not much. The amount of equipment and the quality will be determined by the budget and the use. Some of the equipment are used to increase the quality of output and a person can easily do without them.

It’s preferable to start off with a simple studio. Just like everything else in life, attempting too much too sun will get a person overwhelmed, feel discouraged and eventually quit. This is a blow because a lot of money would be lost. To avoid this fate, just keep it simple.

There should be a lot of care taken when opting for a cheaper studio. There is such thing as too cheap, which will affect the quality of the work produced. The things that can be done in such a studio is limited. Below are some of the most common recording studio equipment that is necessary to set up a recording studio.


This is the most important equipment in a recording studio. The type of computer used should have higher processing and storage capabilities. This ensures that the computer will not hang when the recording software is installed and used. Before buying a computer, know the type of software you will need and the various requirements they need to run. This is also the largest expenditure. A person can start off with a computer they currently have. If the computer can be upgraded, there is no need to buy another.

DAW and Audio Interface Combo

The Digital Audio Workstation is a software that is used to record, edit and mix music on the computer. The Audio Interface is the hardware that connects the computer with the rest of recording gear. The two items can either be bought as a combo or separately. For a person starting out, it’s best to buy the combo. This is because there is a guaranteed compatibility and it’s cheaper.



Very often, studios have many microphones but for starters, one is okay for vocals. If you are looking to record instruments using microphones, you will need different microphones for different instruments.


Just like the mic, only one headphone is needed to start. The two types of headphones used in the studio are the open-back and the closed-back. The open-back is used for mixing while the closed-back is used for tracking. The closed-back headphone is the first headphone to buy. The open-back is considered a luxury.

Studio Monitors

Studio monitors are what make open back headphones optional. The difference between studio monitors and the ordinary speakers is that studio monitors only project the sound a short distance so that the room doesn’t change the frequency of the music.

The above recording studio equipment are the key requirements to start a studio. If you don’t have a big budget, you can begin slowly by buying one piece of equipment at a time.