Setting Up Your Own Professional Home Recording Studio

Man working at a digital sound mixing board

Whether you belong to a musical group or you are a solo performer, having your own home recording studio can make an enormous difference. There are a lot of reasons why a person would want to have a recording studio of their own, especially if they wish make it a career move, make a living out of it or even if it is just a hobby for fun. Going on long drives and packing up … [Read more...]

Handling The Home Recording Studio Setup

musician, producer or mixer in sound studio

You hear so many stories about how an artist or musician started in their own basement or garage and how they had to set up their own studio and make their own music before being "discovered." It's true that making any dream come true is very hard work, but it also takes skill. You might not think about your home recording studio's setup, but if you want the best sound and the … [Read more...]

The Essential Home Recording Studio Equipment

Studio audio sound console and headphones

Do you want to have your very own home recording studio? We have compiled a list of the best home recording studio equipment for you to make smart decisions on what to buy. A Computer - It is used to manage and record digital audio signals. A computer with high processing capability is recommended since the audio recording software is bulky. A fast computer achieves faster … [Read more...]

Home Recording Studio Design Tips

Female singer in orange t-shirt singing with studio microphone. Isolated on white background.

Home recording studios has become very popular in the recent past because of competition by manufacturers. Before, you had to spend a fortune in creating a studio, but this has since changed. With a little amount of money, a person can set up a good home recording studio. Advancement in computer technology has made the quality of music produced better with cheap equipment. Many … [Read more...]

Valuable Tips To Remember When Building A Home Recording Studio

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Every start-up musician wishes to have their very own professional home recording studio. At first, all the necessary steps may seem overwhelming. Many musicians think they have to spend a huge chunk of money to get started, while, in fact, that’s not how it is! Here are some valuable tips that every musically-inclined individual has to remember when building a home recording … [Read more...]

Your Home Recording Studio Equipment List

Audio setup containing microphone laptop and other professional sound design devices

For music enthusiasts, having their own home studio is a dream that many think they can't afford. Most of the things you need are available in many retail stores. There are some things that you might even already have in your home. The first question that newbies ask is what gear they need. Below is a home recording studio equipment list of the most common hardware and … [Read more...]

Affordable Recording Studio Equipment

Music production and recording studio:

Starting a home recording studio used to be expensive and time-consuming. However, this has changed because of the equipment becoming more affordable. The competition has also caused reduced costs. Initially, the equipment was large in size and it took a lot of time to set up. There was risk of the equipment breaking during installation. The initial cost of starting is not … [Read more...]

Which Recording Studio Software To Buy

view of the side of the mixing console into a recording studio

Among the different things to take into consideration when setting up your own home recording studio, is making sure that you get the right recording studio software for you. There is a huge variety of selections in the market, and looking for the right one seems challenging, confusing and the information is overwhelming. If you’re a musician and are looking forward to … [Read more...]

The Importance Of Choosing A Top Quality Recording Studio Desk

workstation keyboard midi controller and monitors.

Choosing your recording studio desk is as equally important as choosing other recording gear and equipment. Your desk is where most of the gear will be placed and it is essential that your desk can contain everything that you need to make all your recording sessions as flawless and hassle-free as possible. You need proper furniture, including a desk to ensure that you or … [Read more...]

Setting Up Right With Home Recording Studio Furniture

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The dream of fame and fortune coming from a home studio is one that's hard to deny the allure of. Especially for young artists who love the music and really invest their time into it, a home setup can be the start of some great things. However, details matter and if you want your absolute best and sharpest sound, then you had better pay attention to your home recording studio … [Read more...]